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Main Page ‘Title’ Metatag: amateur porn | fetish porn videos -
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Total Visits: 18135113 (total visits)
Average Visit Duration: 00:05:00 seconds
Average Page Views Per Visit: 6.0040506657228
Bounce Rate: 45.06%

Traffic Breakdown: Top Countries

Total Traffic Value: 18135113
Total Traffic Percent: 100%
Traffic By Country: United States
Value: 6185199
Percent: 34.11%
Traffic By Country: United Kingdom
Value: 1195612
Percent: 6.59%
Traffic By Country: Germany
Value: 1107178
Percent: 6.11%
Traffic By Country: Brazil
Value: 983254
Percent: 5.42%
Traffic By Country: Canada
Value: Date:754123
Percent: 4.16%
Traffic By Country: Other
Value: 7908722
Percent: 43.61%

Traffic Sources: Acquisition

Direct Traffic Value: 8930061
Direct Traffic Percent: 49.24%
Organic Search Traffic Value: 6617455
Organic Search Traffic Percent: 36.49%
Top Organic Keyword: clips4sale
Value: 1460601
Percent: 22.07%
Top Organic Keyword: clip4sale
Value: 79115
Percent: 1.2%
Top Organic Keyword: xev bellringer
Value: 78085
Percent: 1.18%
Top Organic Keyword: clipsforsale
Value: 73306
Percent: 1.11%
Top Organic Keyword: klixen
Value: 54059
Percent: 0.82%
Paid Search Traffic Value: 599
Paid Search Traffic Percent: 0
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword:
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Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword:
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Referral Traffic Value: 1275477
Referral Traffic Percent: 7.03%
Paid Referral Traffic Value: 47845
Paid Referral Traffic Percent: 0.26%
Top Advertising Publishers:
Value: 26877
Percent: 56.18%
Top Advertising Publishers:
Value: 3356
Percent: 7.02%
Top Advertising Publishers:
Value: 3183
Percent: 6.65%
Top Advertising Publishers:
Value: 819
Percent: 1.71%
Top Advertising Publishers:
Value: 819
Percent: 1.71%
Social Traffic Value: 1186837
Social Traffic Percent: 6.54%
Top Social Traffic Site: Twitter
Value: 925225
Percent: 77.96%
Top Social Traffic Site: Youtube
Value: 96789
Percent: 8.16%
Top Social Traffic Site: VKontakte
Value: 46124
Percent: 3.89%
Top Social Traffic Site: Facebook
Value: 38131
Percent: 3.21%
Top Social Traffic Site: Reddit
Value: 37777
Percent: 3.18%
Appstore Traffic Value: 0
Appstore Traffic Percent: 0%
Email List Traffic Value: 76835
Email List Traffic Percent: 0.42%

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