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Domain URL: nhentai.net
Main Page ‘Title’ Metatag: nhentai: hentai doujinshi and manga
Main Page ‘Description’ Metatag: nhentai is a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader with over 165,000 galleries to read and download.

Audience Behavior:

Total Visits: 122977615 (total visits)
Average Visit Duration: 00:12:08 seconds
Average Page Views Per Visit: 50.759921379166
Bounce Rate: 16.27%

Traffic Breakdown: Top Countries

Total Traffic Value: 122977615
Total Traffic Percent: 100%
Traffic By Country: United States
Value: 23215671
Percent: 18.88%
Traffic By Country: Japan
Value: 10717748
Percent: 8.72%
Traffic By Country: Brazil
Value: 7531173
Percent: 6.12%
Traffic By Country: Thailand
Value: 5033431
Percent: 4.09%
Traffic By Country: Taiwan
Value: Date:4274246
Percent: 3.48%
Traffic By Country: Other
Value: 72200157
Percent: 58.71%

Traffic Sources: Acquisition

Direct Traffic Value: 87716271
Direct Traffic Percent: 71.33%
Organic Search Traffic Value: 27890889
Organic Search Traffic Percent: 22.68%
Top Organic Keyword: nhentai
Value: 18647825
Percent: 66.86%
Top Organic Keyword: n hentai
Value: 737881
Percent: 2.65%
Top Organic Keyword: hentai manga
Value: 369289
Percent: 1.32%
Top Organic Keyword: nhentai english
Value: 308628
Percent: 1.11%
Top Organic Keyword: n-hentai
Value: 155559
Percent: 0.56%
Paid Search Traffic Value: 849
Paid Search Traffic Percent: 0
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword: asus rog strix core i7-7700hq 8gb 128gb geforce gtx 1050ti 15.6 inch windows 10 gaming laptop
Value: 367
Percent: 43.28%
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword: h&r block 2019
Value: 257
Percent: 30.36%
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword: monitor 4k
Value: 223
Percent: 26.36%
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword:
Percent: %
Top Paid Search Traffic Keyword:
Percent: %
Referral Traffic Value: 1276189
Referral Traffic Percent: 1.04%
Paid Referral Traffic Value: 41427
Paid Referral Traffic Percent: 0.03%
Top Advertising Publishers: tumblr.com
Value: 24348
Percent: 58.77%
Top Advertising Publishers: xvideos.com
Value: 11950
Percent: 28.85%
Top Advertising Publishers: twitter.com
Value: 1529
Percent: 3.69%
Top Advertising Publishers: blmagazine.net
Value: 699
Percent: 1.69%
Top Advertising Publishers: archive.is
Value: 673
Percent: 1.62%
Social Traffic Value: 5786109
Social Traffic Percent: 4.71%
Top Social Traffic Site: Youtube
Value: 2817682
Percent: 48.7%
Top Social Traffic Site: Facebook
Value: 1183965
Percent: 20.46%
Top Social Traffic Site: Reddit
Value: 1124385
Percent: 19.43%
Top Social Traffic Site: Twitter
Value: 260670
Percent: 4.51%
Top Social Traffic Site: Pixiv
Value: 97531
Percent: 1.69%
Appstore Traffic Value: 0
Appstore Traffic Percent: 0%
Email List Traffic Value: 265877
Email List Traffic Percent: 0.22%

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